Der Spiegel

Cover and titlestory lead photo of the "V-Mann" VP01 who warned several times about Anis Amri
before he drove a truck to the Christmas market Breitscheidplatz in 2016 and killed 11 people.

Stern | No. 37, 2019

I photographed one doctor for the cover and another anonymous for the double page lead photo and smaller in the text.

Kurs | Magazin der Deutschen Bank

Portraits on the subject of equality

Der Spiegel | No. 27, 2019

Two days on Mallorca (Ballermann).

Help e.V.

South Sudan

Stern Crime

Medical examiner Sibylle Banaschak exposes parents who abuse their children.

Der Spiegel

Jasmina Kuhnke aka Quattromilf


Tafel Bochum-Wattenscheid

ADAC Reisemagazin

NRW Special

Der Spiegel | No. 50, 2019

Michaela Dedreux with her daughter Natalie who has Down syndrome.


Hacker attack on Thyssen Krupp

FAZ Magazin

Meral Alma, Artist

11 Freunde

Reportage about the district league soccer club Sparta 1909


On patrol with the Cologne police

Der Spiegel

One day on the road with the bailiff Frank Neuhaus.


Finding free school places for refugee children

Der Spiegel

Robert Lewandowski


Hagemeyer Fashion House


Power earth cable construction


Christian Dreyer, CEO Amazone Agricultural Machinery

DB Mobil

Focus Gesundheit


Bonus (Magazin der Volksbanken)

Wolfgang Niedecken

There will be more tearsheets in the next time. I have to go through all my voucher copies of the last years and photograph them.